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I have over 10 years of experience in Interactive Marketing & Digital Strategy, with a focus on SEO, Social Media & Demand Generation. I am an avid Football Fan, Golf Enthusiast & Ambidextrous Bowler. I can also be found on Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social Accounts of Google+ Followers

Find Your Followers’ Other Social Media Accounts Using Google+

Creating connections is an integral part of any digital strategy. For the most part, you and I made a connection through a social channel. Channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or Pinterest.

Even though Google killed off authorship in the search results, I am still a believer in using Google Plus to drive referral traffic.

Not only is Google Plus a nice source for traffic, it is also an excellent website to build meaningful relationships. Unlike Twitter or Pinterest, your profile can provide some great insight into your audience. You are able to provide detailed information about yourself on your “About” page in Google Plus.

Most people (myself included) took some time to really provide details about who we are are. Not only can you cover your background, but you can add employment history and even links to other websites you frequent.

Among these websites listed are typically other social media profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Continue reading

Google Plus Traffic

Without Authorship, Google+ Still Matters. See How Google+ Sent Me 197 Extra Visitors in 24 Hours

As many are aware, Google decided to drop showing authorship images from its search results. Previously, as you may have noticed, when you ran a search on Google, some of the search results would display the author’s image next to the search result. In fact, I even took the time to show you how to setup Google authorship.

Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. It was fun while it lasted.

But does that mean Google+ should no longer be part of your overall digital marketing strategy? Continue reading

Twitter Data

[HOW TO] Create a Twitter Dashboard in Excel That Scrapes Data

Who doesn’t love data? Not just Data who was in Goonies, but cold hard Twitter data?

Back in the day (I guess I am showing my age here), the character Data had all the gadgets in Goonies. No matter the situation he seemed to always have some contraption that bailed himself (and others) out of trouble. Twitter has tons of data to bail you out of a jam. Whether it is content creation ideas, targeting the right followers, or even seeing what your competition is up to.

While there are countless tools that provide insight into Twitter data, chances are you have said, “there has to be a way to do this in Microsoft Excel.” If not, now I might have you thinking.

The bad news is it is not a straight forward process. The good news is, I figured it out how to export Twitter data to Excel and will share the details on how to do it through some trial and error after reading this post from Matthew Barby. If you know of a better/cleaner way to construct any of the formulas, please let me know in the comments below.

With this Excel spreadsheet, you will be able to pull in most data from any Twitter user, including first and last name, location, bio, URL, number of Twitter followers, number of Twitter users they are following, number of tweets, how long ago they last tweeted, and the content of their latest tweet. This info is very handy if you are trying to analyze certain Twitter users. Continue reading

forgetting blog topics

Bloggers, Never Forget Another Blog Idea!

We’ve all been there. You have thought of the best blog idea EVER! Unfortunately, you are nowhere near a computer. No worries, there is no way you will forget this topic.

Nope, not this time.

Let’s fast forward to the moment when you finally sit down to write you epic blog post. What was it you were going to write about? Surely you remember? Right?

Don’t Fool Yourself

If you are like me, chances are you won’t remember the exact topic you were planning to write about. Sure, you might remember the general idea you originally came up with, but will you remember all the details?

This has happened to me more times than I can remember…so I looked for ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Continue reading