If you are anything like me, you can’t help to notice after awhile that you start to see the same cheesy stock images being used across various websites you visit. You know, the ones with four or five people huddled around a conference table acting like they are really busy but have enough time to turn and pose for a picture? Yeah, those images.

A common problem (well maybe not a problem, but OCD?) I have is knowing that I have seen a particular image before on another site, but not being able to recall where I have seen it before. After looking at so many sites, especially ones that rely heavily on stock imagery, they all start to look the same. Occasionally, I find it interesting to know how many other sites use the same stock image.

So how do I find out answers to these burning questions?

Using Google Image Search To Find Where a Stock Photo is Used

Sure, I could try to type in different phrases related to the image and hope to get lucky with my search results showing the site I previously saw the image on or even browse through my browser history. Or I could do this: Read more »