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Whether it is coming up with SEO or social media strategies, developing websites, managing team members, or compiling multiple data sets into Excel or Google Docs; I am immersed in all aspects of the digital world.

My background stems from my own e-commerce site that was built and launched in 2003. As a self-learner, I taught myself SEO, HTML, CSS, some PHP, website design, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more as I wanted to get my hands dirty with everything digital. Within two years, my first site reached over $200,000 in annual sales.

I knew I was hooked on creating/developing websites and had to do more!

In 2006 (when Myspace was ruling the world – yeah remember them?), I created the first and largest social networking site for Ford Mustang enthusiasts, MyMustangSite. Offering similar features to what was found on Myspace, MyMustangSite.com quickly went viral and accumulated over 10,000 members within the first year. Through various monetization methods, the site was extremely profitable and was later sold to an investor in New York (unfortunately, the site is now defunct).

Shortly after I launched MyMustangSite, I launched DoggySpaces.com; yep, you guessed it…a Myspace site for dogs. While there were a handful of other players in the social network for dogs niche, I quickly grew this site to 11,000 members in less than a year. Approached by a competitor shortly after this successful launch, I was offered an offer I could not pass up and decided to sell the site.

Over the years, I have launched, developed and sold numerous websites of my own. Sites ranging from e-commerce, blogs, social media management, affiliate sites and more. Along the way, I have worked with wide range of website types. Sure, I have had some successes to go with some failures, but that is how I learn and grow. Lately, I have been more focused on doing client work rather than my own…but rest assured, I do have some new ideas stirring – stay tuned 🙂

With over 13 years of digital marketing experience, rest assured I am always ready for a challenge. If you need digital help, or just want to talk digital don’t hesitate to ask me!

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