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Everyone has wants. Most people have needs. Many people have goals.

What people don’t have are solutions.

That’s when they call me.

As a self-taught SEO expert with almost 20 years of digital marketing experience, I help business owners reach their goals by building and implementing an effective digital strategy.

I’ve launched, developed and sold numerous websites, in genres from pets to real estate, since 2003. My interactive marketing agency, Ciked, specializes in website strategy and consulting, as well as an extensive list of additional services, tailored to small businesses and entrepreneurs alike:

✔️ Design: Branding, business cards, logos, website design, wireframes, UX

✔️ Comprehensive E-mail marketing: Content creation, design templates, multi-touch nurturing campaigns, reporting, implementation

✔️ Microsoft Excel: Custom spreadsheets to service any need including product/model number builders for pricing, data scrapers, social media dashboards, analytics reporting and more

✔️ PPC / SEM: Full-service pay per click and search engine marketing for Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Outbrain and Twitter Ads

✔️Social Media: Social media strategy and implementation for all major social media networks

Looking for some social proof? Check out what some of my past clients are saying:

These days, I focus more on client work than my own. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few ventures up my sleeve…

…such as Bulkly, a subscription-based social media tool I built from scratch that allows users to automatically recycle social media updates on Buffer. Interested? Check it out here.

But running my agency, earning my rank on Houston’s top 25 power influencers and masterminding my next project are all done on the side of my full-time job at a publically traded company.

I’m always working on something new in the digital realm.

Want to work together? Let’s talk.

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