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Since 2003, I have developed an in-depth of experience in Interactive Marketing & Digital Strategy, with a focus on SEO, Social Media & Demand Generation. I am an avid Football Fan, Golf Enthusiast & Ambidextrous Bowler. I can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

4 Genius WordPress Hacks That Will Save Your Bacon

WordPress is one of my “go-to” platforms when creating websites. It is flexible, highly customizable, and easy to use. However, over the years, I have encountered the occasional “oh $4!+” moments where I either broke something or got stuck trying to fix an issue.

Luckily for you, I will reveal my 4 WordPress hacks that helped to get me out of a jam. Please do not attempt these hacks/fixes yourself if you are not comfortable in doing them. If you need help, you can always contact me.

You’ll want to bookmark this post because chances are you will need one of these WordPress hacks later to bail you out. With that being said, let’s jump in. Continue reading

Take Advantage Of Repurposing Content – Read These 8 Tips

I’ve said it many times. I’m all about doing things efficiently. Whether it is finding ways to bulk manage Twitter followers or increasing digital marketing productivity, I am always looking for ways to get the most out of my efforts and my clients. One other area this approach holds true is through repurposing content.

What exactly is repurposed content you ask?

It’s just a fancy way of saying that you are going to take something you have already done and basically convert it to another media. It’s an important part of content marketing. In fact, here are some interesting content marketing stats you should know.

How do you repurpose content?

Let’s keep is easy and let’s take a look at 8 different ways you can repurpose your existing content. Continue reading

4 of the Most Useless Social Media Metrics to Avoid

Social media is no doubt filled with big egos and empty metrics. While I am a huge fan of social media metrics analytics, I find it somewhat frustrating with those who tout pointless social media metrics to measure.

With social media, it is important to know what social media metrics matter and which ones don’t. I am not saying that you should completely dismiss the metrics I discuss below, but you should take them lightly and understand how they impact the overall picture.

Let’s take a look at 4 of some of the most overrated social media metrics and what you should focus on instead.

1. Klout

I might as well start this list of with the most pointless social metrics of them all. Klout “measures” a users social influence and determines a score that falls within the range 1-100.

The higher the Klout Score, the more influence a person is said to have. While I understand the concept, unfortunately it is rather easy to influence/inflate Klout Scores. Therefore, I just can’t justify Klout as being a social media metric to give much credibility to. I will say, that I have enjoyed a few nice perks from Klout due to my Klout Score. Continue reading

6 Awesome Ways To Use LinkedIn Groups for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn has well over 259 million users. Sure, that might pale in comparison to the numbers of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+; but LinkedIn might just make the most sense for your business to build relationships and cultivate B2B lead generation initiatives. In fact, you might already know the best way to increase Twitter followers for your business.

While most people use LinkedIn for growing their personal network, I feel many small businesses should also explore LinkedIn lead generation through the use of LinkedIn groups.

If your business is ignoring LinkedIn groups, chances are it is killing your B2B LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Let’s take a look at a few ways your business can use groups to your advantage.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

Before we jump into strategy, let’s first recap what exactly are LinkedIn groups. With this, your business can create essentially a community within LinkedIn that focuses on a particular topic or interest. As the group creator (moderator), you will have a pulse on who joins your community and the conversations going on within the community. Additionally, you and your company will be viewed as a leader in the topic/field of the group.

While you do have the option of creating your own group, it is not required in order to use LinkedIn groups for B2B lead generation. Continue reading