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Project Overview

iCUE (Innovative Concepts for Underrepresented Entrepreneurs) is an impactful organization dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap by educating, empowering, and enabling entrepreneurs and investors of color. The project’s heart was to create a digital platform that reflects iCUE’s mission and serves as a hub for resources, support, and community for diverse entrepreneurs and investors.

My Role

Tasked with bringing iCUE’s vision to life online, I led the website development project from concept to launch. My journey with iCUE involved deeply understanding their goals, the challenges faced by their audience, and how best to communicate their message of empowerment and opportunity through a digital medium.

The Process

The development process began with a series of collaborative sessions with iCUE’s team to align on the website’s objectives and design a user experience that would resonate with their target audience. As the designer and WordPress developer, I crafted a site that was not only visually compelling but also intuitive to navigate, ensuring that visitors could easily access resources, learn about iCUE’s programs, and get involved.

A significant focus was placed on content development, working closely with iCUE to create engaging, informative content that accurately represented their mission and values. This included highlighting success stories, outlining available resources, and providing clear calls to action for both entrepreneurs and investors looking to be part of iCUE’s ecosystem.

The Outcome

The launch of their site marked a significant milestone for iCUE, offering a dynamic platform that serves as the cornerstone of their digital presence. The website has become a vital tool in their mission to educate, empower, and enable, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem aimed at closing the racial wealth gap. Through this project, we were able to create a space that not only informs visitors but also inspires action and participation in iCUE’s transformative programs.

This project was an incredibly fulfilling opportunity to contribute to a cause that matters, using web design and development skills to amplify iCUE’s crucial message and impact.

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