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6 Ways To Use LinkedIn Groups for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn has well over 259 million users. Sure, that might pale in comparison to the numbers of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+; but LinkedIn might just make the most sense for your business to build relationships and cultivate B2B lead generation initiatives. In fact, you might already know the best way to increase Twitter followers for your business.

While most people use LinkedIn for growing their personal network, I feel many should also explore the potential that LinkedIn groups can offer your business.

If your business is ignoring LinkedIn groups, chances are it is killing your B2B lead generation efforts. Let’s take a look at a few ways your business can use groups to your advantage.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

Before we jump into strategy, let’s first recap what exactly are LinkedIn groups. With this, your business can create essentially a community within LinkedIn that focuses on a particular topic or interest. As the group creator (moderator), you will have a pulse on who joins your community and the conversations going on within the community. Additionally, you and your company will be viewed as a leader in the topic/field of the group.

While you do have the option of creating your own group, it is not required in order to use LinkedIn groups for B2B lead generation. Read more »

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How To Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

WordPress is the most popular content management systems (CMS) for websites. In fact I use it not only for this site, but for the majority of client sites as well. It is extremely flexible and can be customized for just about any business need. Previously, I have discussed the importance of focusing on your own website over social media, and whether you need a simple business website or a full blown e-commerce shopping cart, WordPress can meet almost any business need.

Unfortunately with most CMS platforms there will be those who look to expose loopholes within those systems, which means that WordPress is not exempt from these hackers. In fact, WordPress is frequently updated not only to add new features, but to close known loopholes.

However, you should not rely solely on the most recent update to for WordPress protection. I will give you my list of plugins that can help strengthen your site and how to protect your WordPress site from hackers. While nothing will protect you 100% from attacks, using these plugins will definitely decrease the chances of it happening through better WordPress security measures. Read more »

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I’m Surprised By These Mistakes Made With Google+ Profiles

Ok I get it. You might think Google+ is a ghost town. However, the numbers are hard to argue with. With a recent report of 540 million active users and 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week, you might need to reconsider any ghost town mentality.

This isn’t 2008 or the wild west where anything goes. Users are much more savvy and more times than not know when a person (or company) is up to no good. As I make a more concentrated effort to involve Google+ with my other social media profiles, I am starting to notice as G+ grows, so does the rookie mistakes that are starting to seep into the platform.

While Google+ is obviously not the first social media site the majority of users join, I have to say I am surprised by the mistakes made with Google+ profiles that we all should have evolved from by now. Let’s take a look at some of these mistakes. Read more »

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